Tuesday, 17 January 2012

They inspire me

 Nina Simone.
 Singer,songwriter,pianist,arranger, and civil rights activist.
One amazing voice and  meaningful words. 
I simply love everything she did - She the reason I wanted to play the piano

Etta James 
When my mood is blue she understands me.
She has such a strong and dusky voice which makes her songs so powerful

Madhuri Dixit
This timeless Bollywood beauty  is
An actress everyone would want to work with
A dancer, every choreographers dream with those perfect expression.
Man how I adore her dancing skills and her facial expressions

Diana Ross
The DIVA over them all.
Started of with the Supremes and went on being BIG
She's a singer, an actress and a mama of four. 
The woman still performs even though she is 60-something
She really Bring out the Diva in me.

Phylicia Rashad
The first African-American actress to win the Best Actress Tony Award for "A Raisin in the Sun"
(if you haven't seen it.. DO IT, so touching)
And  let's not for get her role as Claire Huxtable
I love they way she performs -  it's so classy
matter of fact - everything about her is classy

Singer,songwriter,record producer, actress and businesswoman all in one and she's not even 50 yet.
What I love about her is that she gives it 100%
And the fact that she aims for perfection 
She brought Bootylicious for all the women with a boot-ey
And got a fly named after her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scaptia_beyonceae

Audrey Hepburn
The British actress who also happened to be a humanitarian - me like
This woman made it perfectly all right  to be a Petite
She brought us the little black dress and ballerinas - "Less is more"
Such an elegant woman

Billie Holiday 
She had a tough life all the way, but didn't stop her from chasing her dream.
Although she wanted to become a dancer, she ended up being the most wonderful singer I know.
The woman who introduced me to Jazz
She is known for having big flowers in her hair

 Josephine Baker 
Picasso said of her: "Tall, coffee skin, ebony eyes, legs of paradise, a smile to end all smiles."
Was an actress,a singer, a dancer, a civil rights activist in France and in The States and a mother of 12
 She was the first to wear the banana skirt.
She was such a marvellous entertainer and it's been said the she invented Hip-hop: "The greatest female dancer the world has ever seen, a B-Boy to the highest degree and Hip hop before it had a name."
  Her dancing/moves is the reason why I still dance today
Janet Jackson
Singer and actress
Ever since I was a chubby little girl I've been fan.
I loved her dancing - She is the female version of her brother
and today I LOVE her acting
And let's not forget her smile

Marilyn Monroe 
The tragic story of hers is so sad.
She was considered as a dumb blond, but she turned out to be way starter than everybody had expected and of course it was after her death.
She made it hip to be curvy 
Thanks to her I do not wish to be a skinny bitch

Edith Piaf
This tiny French lady with a wonderful voice and a painful life
She made a huge impression on me the very first time I heard "La Foule"
And I will always remember her for her 20's eyebrows

Michelle Obama
She has shown that your closet don't have to be Gray,Black and White just cause you are Mrs. President 
She is a classy, strong  and well educated woman- an inspiration to me, something I hope to be in my 40's.
 "As the wife of a Senator, and later the First Lady, she has become a fashion icon and role model for women, and an advocate for poverty awareness and healthy eating"

 Singer,songwriter,dancer and a humanitarian
I love everything about this woman
She speaks fluent Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and some Arabic.
 In October 2003 UNICEF named her a Global Goodwill Ambassador for the organization. At the time she was 26. She became the youngest UNICEF Ambassador in its history.
Her flexible moves are to die for and her lyrics are so strong, well written and just mind blowing 
I simply can't get enough of her 

Tina Turner 
The Rock 'n' Roll Mama of all times
With a husky voice  she has sold more concert tickets than any other female performer in history and is 7-time Grammy Award-winner.
She suffered from a domestic violence." Turner would accuse Ike of physically beating her, emotionally abusing her, raping her, and even stubbing cigarettes out on her body"
Her energy on stage is admirable and she just brings it every single time even on her last tour at the age of 60-something.
She is the reason I keep on dancing to Proud Mary till date.
Let's never forget the big hair and those long sexy legs.

 Georgette Mujawamarya
Mother,(My personal stylist),Girlfriend and Businesswoman
This the only woman I know personally and I admire her to the fullest.
She is fluent in Kinyarwanda, Swahili and French 
She is a hard working woman.
Runs a cleaning company
is a single mother of 3
Big hearted and so humble 
Stylish in the most elegant way
I will continue to follow in her footsteps

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