Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mad Cee

STATEMENT: Men are dogs..

- There I said it!

Lately I've been dealing with morons, (both genders) and I'm sick and tired of it!

For a couple of  days ago I was talking to this guy who I thought was a friend but turned out to be a real azz jerk.


I'll tell you why..

So we were chatting on Facebook and he went on asking me if life was treating me well and I was pretty honest by saying that life was banging but I need a job cause my bank account is black.
I took that opportunity to ask him if he could help me out, if he know someone who could hire me.

Somehow he oversaw all this and began asking whether I had a boyfriend... And I answered yes I have. He then replied with saying that my boyfriend (who btw lives more than 120 kilometers from me) should be the one finding a job for me -.- SIRIOUSLY?
ARE YOU F****** kidding me....

So I said sorry for asking a friend for a favour -.-'
I reminded him that he is the one who told me that if I ever needed any help he would be happy to give a hand...
He went on defending himself by saying that he did want to help me but was afraid that my boyfriend would get jealous.. DAFUCK?

Please dude,
We are not having an affair or something so get the fuck off my back with your shit...
It gets worse when he asks me how much money I need... And I was like WHAT? Dude I do not need money from you, what I need is you to help me finding a job because you fucking know this city better than I do!!!!
But this jerk was completely blind to what I was writing and, kept asking me how much I needed...

I then turned into a mad black woman by telling him that I didn't need any of his corny ass money, what I need was a friends help(something you can't get these days, unless you are very lucky). However, it all turned out to be awkward and our chatting stopped there!!!

- This whole episode made me think of all the times that I've been underestimated and misunderstood by fellas just cause I'm a girl and I'm sick and tired of it! it has to stop NOW!

Why is it that many guys thinks that if a girl is asking for help, then it really mean that she needs money? Seriously, are dumb or something.. I care enough to make my own money and be as independent as I can be and I know that there is a lot of hoes out there that needs a suga-daddy who can give them cash, but that isn't me or any other lady that have some dignity.
And why do guys think at you are into them and that they've got a chance with you as soon as you smile or dare to talk to them? -Bitch I'm smiling cause I'm being polite, I'm not trying to flirt with you so get off me you creepy creature. I'm tired of defending and explaining myself to every single dude that thinks/assumes that I like him. So all I have to say is that all of you fellas are dogs and I'm in need of a puppy( which I already have btw)

As far as I remember I was NEVER the kind of person who asked anybody for help cause I'm was too proud to ask for it and I hated people getting into my business(that what you get when you ask someone to help you be it a female or male).

I used to have this motto of mine saying; "Always expect the worst in people and let them surprise you."

This was working really good for me until I went to high school and met my so called Bestie, who told me that I should be more relaxed and give people a chance... So I did.... Man do I regret it today, and the same Bestie who told me to chill is now having a hard time trusting ALL her friends since her EX just had sex with one of her home-girls!

Again: Men are dogs and people are lame!

We all fucking know the golden rule: DO NOT FLIRT,MAKE OUT OR DATE YOUR FRIEND'S EX!!!

- And you must be a fucking idiot/cunt not to know or see that it's wrong!

Now if I take time to tell you the story of my Bestie, her Ex and that home-girl, this would be one great book.

So let me keep it short,

My bestie broke up with this stucked up arrogant idiot, whom every girl at my high school think is a perfect 10 ( which I really don't see why cause, he is ugly as fuck -.-' the only thing that makes him a bit presentable are his freaking shoes).

Well when all the bitches heard that he was a free bird they all got bit (more) nice to his pale ass, trying to flirt with him. There was this one girl who was so was madly in love with him, but never got him cause my bestie got him first.

Now this girl who called herself a dear friend to my Bestie, spent the New Year's Eve fucking the EX
 – ouch, now how cruel is that huh?... And the excuse she had was that they were both drunk...DAFUCK? That's not an excuse to fuck behind your friend! Bitch are you retarded!!!!!!!!
His excuse was that he had the right to be whoever he wanted cause they had broke up... REALLY so the best you could get was her friend.. You fucking man whore!

Now these two motherfucks are as fake as the Gucci bags made from China, and if there is one thing I hate more than snakes, are fake people( I think I made it clear today).

Moral of these two stories...

People are untrustworthy and disrespectful - And let's all be careful with who we call our FRIEND

- And that men are dog, so try to find yourself a puppy :)

Good day C.
- Sorry for my swearing, I just can't stay lady-like in situations like these...

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