Saturday, 14 January 2012


How come shaking your booty there days has become something nasty?

I used to know this guy who said that all we Africans/black people knew was to shake our behind and that it was the most nastiest shit he ever saw... Man I was about to booty shake his face down - But I was lady-like enough to not Blackie Chan his azz -.-

However, some booty shake out there that just isn't healthy for your eyes to watch... just like this one

My damn eyes literally hurts by watching this :/

I know that this is twerking but shu the point is the same --> shaking your ass.
Growing up booty shaking wasn't booty shaking, it was just a part of dancing and as I become older I realized that many people out there totally misunderstood the term "shaking your booty" whether it was dancing or explaining it.

This guy went on telling me how black girls uses their booty shaking to seduce guys and I was like OH MY DEAR LORD!!!! Child you are crazy.
Shaking my behind doesn't mean that I want to seduce someone LOL
FWI I shake it because it's called dancing and it's another way of using your body while dancing and expressing you womanhood.

And the fact that some girls say at they can't shake their behind because they are white is absolutely rubbish, Shakira is white, explain that!
- Believe me you'd be amazed if you knew what your body can do.

As I said, the booty shaking I know about is  from Africa where they don't exaggerate it and I never saw it as a negative thing until I saw this and some few more video that I couldn't find -Thank God for that!

The "real" booty shaking I know is something like this.... 
Something that makes sense

To all the Ladies out there: Please have some sort of respect for yourselves and dance with style and class.

To all the nasty booty shakers, I quote: 
"You make it......
Hard...for women like me who try to have some integrity
You make it hard...for girls like myself who respect themselves
And have dignity. 

You nasty girl, you nasty, you trashy
You classless girl, you sleazy, you freaky

Girl where's your P-R-I-D-E" 

To all the Fellas: NO we do not want to get to you by booty shaking(at least some of us).

Love C

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