Saturday, 7 January 2012

I've made peace with my woolly hair

As long as I can recall I've always got my hear done by getting it relaxed, which by they way isn't the most healthy thing to do for your hair.
I've used weaves, Brazilian and braided it. I've never really had my natural hair, besides this one time were I had to let cut it very short and to use any relaxer cause my hair was so damaged. I remember it clearly, I was in 7th grade and one day I came to school with very short and nappy hair. 

Everyone were looking at me with a Oh-my-dear-lord-what-have-you -done? Face , then the 14-15 year old me got so insecure about my hair and began to wear hat to school. I even turned down parties and such cause I felt disgusting with my short boy-cut even my “boyfriend” broke up with me because of the short nappy hair. A month later I got my hair braided and I felt better again -.-

As I grew older and discovered that my hair isn't all that I am, I somehow tried to accept it as it. So at age 17 I cut it again with the same length as back then.
I came to realize that god gave me this nappy hair of mine to show the difference between me and the rest of the world. And I there is a quote saying that you've got to work with what you've got. So while other black girl (well some of them) spend a lot of money on “good hair” to look like famous people, I cut it and looked like and African, something most girls are afraid of today...

Why be afraid to show what you are blessed with? 
- Dare to wear you natural hair -

Love C.

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