Friday, 13 January 2012

Mama said there'd be days like this

First of all thank God it Friday....
But it doesn't mean that this day is good to my mood-.-
I woke up looking like this

And I still do -No make up and no fancy cloths, just my no. 23 and jogging pants!

How come January is the longest and the most boring month ever? 
As boring as it get I have to sit here and do my homework for the next week....

Btw I've set some new goals, such as moving from this retarded town I live in I don't know what the hell I was thinking leaving The BIG city and moving to the country side, Well I guess I wanted to see whether this was something for me... I've learned my lesson.. This is not me at all. I'm a City Chick not some county azz gal... If I was born here then it would be another story, but come on.. This small town is the main reason I'm doing my homework on a Friday instead of going out on a café with some friend, BE-cause there is no such things as Café out here! And believe it or not it is also one of the reason to why I'm broke right now -.-'

However, Nina Simone do remind me that I've got life

Have a nice Friday to you how can enjoy it
 Love C.

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