Friday, 9 November 2012

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I've been through this for too long

Just as I thought that I was way over racism and kept my distance from people who are racist it seems not to be enough -.-'  it will always find me.

Last Thursday  I experienced something so insulting that  it makes me sick  thinking about it.
It all started with my hubby picking me up from a late night shift ( I think it was at 4.00 in the morning) and we drove to get some late night food. We then stopped at a gas station to fill up the car and as we were finished a police car was suddenly there. However, one of the two policemen was looking very intense on us but we didn't care much about it, so we got back in the car and drove on. Five minutes after, they were behind us and the car was lighting blue, so my hubby pulled over and they came and asked him whether it was his had a driving license and if the car he was driving was his and he could answer yes on both questions. Then they asked him for an ID and asked him who I was and if I had some sort of ID, and they interrupted him asking me who I was and whether I could speak Danish. I said yes and they then asked me for my ID, so I gave it to them (In anger).
They then went back to the car to check up on us and when they came back one of them said "oh so you are dating, so she is you are girlfriend?" (My anger was pushed to the limits at this point.) They then told us that it was just a regular check up -yeah right, like I believe that...
 I believe that the main reason they did it was;
  1. It was a Thursday night, and they saw two young people out that late.
  2. Two young people... No no, let me rewind that... Two "not Danish looking" young people in a car - they must have stolen it, cause they can't afford it.
  3. A white guy at this time of hour with a black girl in his car - She an illegal immigrant
  4. A black girl in a white guy's car at this time of hour - She must be a prostitute.  
I am not exaggerating ( I wish). Nevertheless, I know that some black girls out there know exactly what I mean. Extreme stereotyping!
It's enough already when people judge me, but for the police to stop me just because of that! this is where I lost all respect I never had for the Danish policemen. Not to mention ever other police in the world apart form those who are in the game for good deeds.

I not only addressing the police, but the country I live in too! I came to this country to escape the madness and the sorrow that was going on in my own. And the funny fact is that they welcomed me with open arms, saying that I no longer have to worry.... Today 10 years after I see myself being bitter this nation, because of the things they put us through.
As a black girl/woman here, I'm named to be a gold digger and a passport-hunter. So there is no good in me being in a interracial relationship or walking down the streets with a white male friend. I even remember my mother telling me about how she and her friends weren't allowed to have dinner on a luxurious café because the owner was scared that they might be one of the things I mentioned. Seriously it makes me sick to my stomach!! How can some people (in this case, most of Denmark) be so ignorant? - has is something to do with who black girls represent themselves here? or are some Danes just hateful toward immigrants?
- Both I guess! -

So I'm addressing the black females too, those who puts us in a another shade of black - bad light -

It's about time YOU stand up strait and start carrying yourself like a proper ladies!  Why get dirty money while they are calling cheap, when you can get your own?  I see a lot of insecurities.  Believe yourself  and build your own empire.... You don't need no white man with money to show you the goods in life. Money is not everything. The same dollar you run for, that was so important then, will not be there defending you later
And to you looking for a passport - leave it, it was not meant to be.... Don't leave your entire life in a white man's hand to rule it, we are over slavery!  Yes the circumstances in Africa are poor but find a way, it's not impossible!

Personally I am tired of getting looks from some white people down the streets cause my man isn't the same colour as me. I tried of people assuming that I have lack of intelligence.

 Naaaaaa, my parents didn't work hard for me to be viewed different, my parents didn't prepare my future for you to ruin, they didn't sacrifice what they had for you separate me from the rest of the sociality -world-
Simple as that