Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Can't believe 2011 is gone..
It was my year, in BIG word.. It was THA BOMB!
So many things happened during this year good and bad, but it didn't stop me from enjoying '011
I feel like it was the year were I grew as a woman and as a human being.

I learned a lot on they way, one of the main things I learned was that people are disrespectful not that I didn't know that but I somehow didn't expect that those people would be among the people I'm surrounded with-.-'
Nevertheless, I  cut strings with the ungrateful and fake people who took everything for granted and welcomed new delightful, intelligent and caring people for my team.

2011 was a preparation for my future, I've achieved and accomplished so many things that I'm grateful.  However, there is still more to come and I can only welcome it with a smile.

Some of the biggest highlights in 2011 all in one

And thanks to those who made a difference in my life this year!

   This year I saw myself, differently. Clearly:

I was a bit sceptic about 2012, and as I got closer to it I got scared and nervous, cause I didn't have any plans on how I should achieve the goals I've set... But someone special told me to take one step at a time :) Which I had forgot, Just like I had forgot that '012 is the year were I graduate, move once again, getting a job/ applying for Uni., my 1 year anniversary, new people, more growing and tons of surprises....

My message to you this year:

Love C.

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