Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday moring & a lot on my mind

So my wonderful Christmas holiday was over this morning!
I'm back to school, which means that I get go back to this stressful and depressing life -.- 
I had decided to be positive about the fact that I'll be back to a school full of weirdos, hypocrites and fake people... But I had  no luck starting today with a cold, dark and rainy day with a tight schedule...

I kept thinking about the all the days I've left before I graduate and it sucked all of my positive energy -__-
BUT I managed to pull myself  up and hope for a better tomorrow.

However, I had to overcome this day by meditating to a better and happier ME. Yes I started on doing Yoga(My way to a happier and energetic me - and it healthy and hip).
I stared off slow with 30 minutes of Shipa Shetty's Yoga. After the Asanas I realized that I miss doing Yoga and being healthy so I decided to go on and see if I can keep it up and make Yoga apart of my day!
I do recommend it - it's easy, it's funny and it takes all of you stress!

I went to school looking like this

- not knowing that it was raining -.-' Don't worry I did wear a jacket since I don't have a chic raincoat.

Speaking about Coats, I've and my mother have been it sevral stores trying to find the perfect winter coat for me but no luck there, cause all the colours were sad... I do not wish to wear dark/depressing colours in winter... It's just not me, I'd perfere some hot and bright colours.
Just like Blair from Gossip Girl

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