Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wedding Fever - Every Girl's Dream

I'm so much in love, that every now and then I feel like I'm on my honeymoon.(hehe)
And since I'm more than sure that this is the man of my dreams, I can't stop daydreaming  about my future with this guy.
Recently I saw a picture of this amazing bride of Ritesh Deshmukh (the son of  the Minister of Earth Sciences in India). Of course the wedding was BIG, it was two weddings in one, cause she is from a catholic family and he is Hindu.
Seeing the pictures made think of my wedding, in like five years or so, but  I do have the right to dream about it  :)Even though I've never been that kind of girl who dreamt about her wedding ever since she was a little girl cause I was busy playing hide and seek with my cousins.

However, having shady boyfriends while growing up, I made my mind about weddings and stuff like that!  BUT Alexander changed it all and now I'm like every other girl, dreaming of her wedding.
 - I  even know how I want my wedding dress to look like.. I've tried it and designed it :) (what can I say.. I'm a freak!)

Some of my themes: 

Now that I've posted this, doesn't mean that I want to get married at this moment. NO! I simply want to catch up with it, since I never cared about it at the time I was young.

Love C

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