Monday, 6 February 2012

My Way of Giving

Checking my mailbox today, I found this card with these adorable kids in front and a message behind thanking me for the small support I give

This is the main reason I don't spend a that much amount of money on shoes. Knowing that I can give and help people who need it,  just by giving a little brings peace in my heart.
Matter of fact if I could I would be paying for a kid or two or more somewhere in Africa or Asia, in order for them to get an education and a good upbringing but due to the circumstances I'm in as a student with no job, I can only afford to give a certain amount to UNICEF!

This is my way of thanking God for what she has blessed me with!
This is my way of giving love... just by helping a bit.

It a dream of mine to serve the poor, help the helpless ans show so love to those who need it!

I must admit that the smiling kid made my day

Love C.

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