Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Heart Bollywood - Bollywood Hearts Love

I seriously must have been an Indian girl in my earlier life.
I adore the country and it''s culture. India is full of colours (not to mention Holi) and it's a joyful country.
I love everything about India from the Sarees to the Churia bangles to Mehendi and to the Aloo ka paratha.

Another thing I love for India is Bollywood(better that Hollywood) as I've expressed before. Bollywood doesn't try to represent reality, but they want to make people dream, to forget for one moment their complicated life...

I love the overrated romance that somehow makes sense

 the strong expressions of emotions

 the songs...
Trust me It's like the old Gene Kelly's line from An American In Paris: "Back home everyone said that I didn't have any talent. They might be saying the same thing over here, but it sounds better in French.
All the words sounds better in Urdu

 the dialogues...

and of course good looking actors and dashing actresses.

 This is why Bollywood is irresistible....

I too want the Bollywood filmy life..
I want to be able to sing out my emotions in a sweet song

Dance to the melody of my joy and happiness
I want to love passionately that it hurts, 
Have sweet and innocent love moments 
I want to colour my life with the brightest colours 
I want to have sweet  moments in the rain
Feel sassy and sexy wearing a Saree in the rain
I want to be the Punjabi bubbly chewing sugar canes
Be silly and cute with someone I love and have a romantic moments together
What can I say...I do have have silly dreams at times.... All cause of Bollywood

Love C

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