Friday, 3 February 2012

Femeuary - Going Natural

Earlier today I looked like this:
 And later this afternoon I certainly wanted to make peace with my hair, and let it breathe and this is how I ended up looking:
I've got myself an nappy afro showing the African I AM.
some people thinks that it's a bad idea and that it doesn't suit me at all since I have a big head!
and some find it really pretty...
However, I couldn't care less. This how I want to look and I do not care about what every other person has to say about it! This is my natural hair and I'll wear it proudly - there I said it!

Side note: Luckily my boyfriend is mature enough not to break up with me, just cause I went NATURAL - contrary to this other guy I dated.

Yeah I'm silly... I know
Love C

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