Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Shout Out to God

It been a while since I took some time to thank God for all the thing she has been giving me lately.
Due to my lousy school I tend to forget her.
So today I just want to let you know that I love you more than the life you've given me! And I appreciate everything you do for me big or small, but most of all I then you for the 4th of April, were you changed my life completely. And thank you for all the blessings you give me :)

You don't ask for anything,
you only want me to stay in peace.
Whatever you give me, 
you give with grace,
for me to pass on with heart.
You never say much,
you only lead me.
You never judge me 
Whatever you give me,
you it give with a smile.
You are my own and a stranger 
You light up my heart
You are all my wishes 
You ease my spirit
and my head bows before you.
I may not know my much but this I do know...
I see you in his eye.

Love C.
Let's not let Sunday be the only day we remember God

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