Monday, 24 October 2011

Fuck Prince Charming and that old man they call Sugga Daddy

Part II
Ladies the year is not 1569, and this world is not a fairy tale, so get a grip and work with what you've got.

Don't depend on any man to give you what you want → Keep that in mind.
Matter of fact don't depend on ANYBODY to give you what you want. Ride your own ride and create that kind of life you dream of, without clinging to anyone.

It kills me to see girls taking the easy way in order to get what they want.
Girls clinging to men, saying: oh he is gonna buy me this, oh he is going to buy me that....
Na-ah come on! Real men wants a woman who is independent and Fools wants weak girls, girls with no spine!

The year is 2011, that means that we have more opportunities today than back then, so let's use them! So many women around the world still fight for equal right, the right to go to school, the right to get a job, the right to earn as much amount money as the opposite sex, so why on earth do some women feel that it's more than okay to “fake it till you make it”?

Woman like Sojourner Truth didn't fight for nothing, right?
So let stand up for the outstanding women we are and work hard for the better life with or without men.

We need to be role models for our future generation and show them how it's done.
Be smart woman! Get your education,work your millions in or go out and cure cancer... Whatever you want to do do it! Don't wait for anybody’s approval or something like that!

Let us all be an “Every Woman”,that kind of woman who does everything, like paying your own bills, buying your own shoes and so on.
Don't let men get you, and screw you over... Screw them on your terms - it takes a smart woman to that...
So quit the “I need a rich man in order to get a good life” LOL

Any fool can by happiness but it takes a Lady to realize that money can't buy pride or self-respect, that is something you are born with
I can only say that there is more into life than getting a man and this is something we forget at times.

Being the best version of yourself is the best gift you can give yourself and the world.
Love Cee

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