Tuesday, 4 October 2011

7 days in Prague

So I'm back from Prague and I must say that the trip was better than I had expected which is good. However some people surprised me other disappointed me, but that's life right?
Back in 2006 I was in Prague with seventh grade and it was nothing like this at all... we saw half as much as I did with my currently class.

That means that I got to see a whole new positive side of Prague and I experienced things that I've never thought I'll do, such as going to a strip club and pushing a thief out of a bus :)

My girls and I spent a lot of time eating at different restaurants and I can assure you that the food was heavenly...

All in all this trip was amazing, apart from those few people that were a pain in the ass.

While I was there my wonderful boyfriend turned 22 on the 29th of September and I was so sad not being there to celebrate him but that gave me an excuse to buy him more gifts....

Love C.

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  1. Well, next time you're not around for a birthday or something like that, just remember that your love is the greatest gift a guy could ever receive! :)
    Glad to hear you had a good trip though, can't wait to hear all the stories!