Saturday, 19 November 2011

Were Is My Name?

Plan White T's sang a song about Delilah and what she does to him/them
Maroon 5 named their first album Songs About Jane

James Blunt sings about Simona, who he will call every Saturday night
Dire Straits sang about Juliet, singing: "Can't do anything except be in love with you"
African Flavour sings about Adamma, how simple she is and he be taking her to see his mama and papa. And P-square smiled because of  Ifunanya.
T.I tells Jill that she can have whatever she like.
Outlandish sings about how sweet and beautiful Aicha is.
Famous Indian song writer Javed Akhtar,wrote a song to Aisha saying; "Tum chahti ho tum koi rang har zindagi mein bhar do = You want to fill everyone's life with some color."
Michael Jackson sang about Billie Jean who calmed to be his lover and the he went on singing about Dirty Diana's way of seducing every man. And mentioned Susie having your number.
While Prince went with Darling Nikki. The Beatles could only sing the song of love which is Julia.
Santana Played his guitar so well to Maria Maria.
Mona Lisa is so like the lady with the mystic smile, were the word from Nat King Cole.
Simone and Garfunkel sang to Cecilia begging her to come home.
And Jose Chameleone cries asking Mama Rohda why she left him.
Let's not forget Anthony Hamilton, missing his Charlene

Not to mention Shawty, that all Rappers/Hip-Hop/R&B artists sing/rap about:

Jay Z: "Shawty from the south, oh, i think she like me "
The Dream: "Shawty is a 10"
Usher: "And I think shawty I've got a thing for you"
Lil' Wayne: "Shawty wanna a thug"
Nelly: "My lover, my life, my shawty, my wife.
Izay: "Shawty is like a melody in my head that I can't keep out"
T-Pain: "Shawty got class, oh behave"
Trey Songz: "Shawty dance like a video vixen"
Jamie Foxx: "Cause shawty know what she want"
Jeremih: "Shawty you are a dime why are you looking so lonely"
50 Cent: "Go shawty it's your birthday"

And I can go oh on and on and on...
All I'm saying is that I need  a song with my name in it...Then I'm happy and I'm sure that a lot of Christellas will be happy too.

Love Christella!

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