Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today - I felt great

Dear Dairy?
I haven't been taking this whole week serious at all.. I've been slagging with school to the fullest ( something you shouldn't do at all) and going to bed as late as possible, why cause when you have a whole week with a given project that you know everything about (almost) then you kind of get the feeling of not doing any effort of learning more... (bad idea).

- Today I spend some time with my girlfriends cooking dinner, making cake and just relaxing and having fun.. It's been a while since I did that (hanging out, for a girls night), it felt nice though.

 Much love to
 Woman (Wise) to Woman
MMMMMM :D (My BFF till I die)
 Me enjoying my Brownie...
 I've never ever played computer games  until recently, were one of my friends introduced me to the Hotdog shop  game -_-
and of course we been looking at dresses as always.
 I really felt good today!
Love C

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