Tuesday, 8 November 2011

10 most turn off's in a guy:

  1. One who cant respect me
  2. Lack of intelligence; Dumb, uneducated, stupid guys
  3. Lack of manners; I'm talking about spitting on the sidewalk, chewing with your mouth open.. stuff like that.
  4. Don't know how to dress; NO SKINNY JEANS & NO BAGGY JEANS. FITTED please! One who have their pants below their ass while wearing a belt I don’t understand what’s the purpose of wearing a belt
  5. Lack of motivation towards goals and their future.
  6. Lack of self confidence; Guys who are afraid to MAN up. I don't want another chick. I want a man. You want to call me? Fine. You don't have to ask me
  7. Bad hygiene
  8. A guy that's very controversial or judgemental
  9. No sense of humour
  10. lying about everything (almost)

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