Friday, 5 October 2012

Coffee to go with a permanent smile

I've never thought that I would ever drink coffee, matter of fact I hate the smell and the taste of it! However I do remember  the first time I took a sip of it, and that was back in 9th grade when I had to prepare for my chemistry exams. It tasted like .... but I had to keep myself up.  Ever since I've had some coffee whenever it was necessary. Lately my day starts at 6.30 /7.00 and to get used to that I need to keep up my energy -.-' cause working in bakery is actually hard cause you have to be active all the time, that makes Coffee a part of my breakfast and you will find me i a coffee store before heading to work -  it's not that I  love it, but I gatta do what I gatta do. Haha :)

Being active means to keep smiling too and that can be hard. I mean it not that I'm a negative person or something like that but whenever I'm stressing or concentrated I tend to lose my smile even though I'm happy, I guess I just have a neutral face, and a lot of people can assume that I'm snobbish or moody(seriously sorry of my life).  I'm no robot, I was not programmed to keep smiling -.-' lol
A lot of people get so offended when they get  their bread  without a smile from me and I can truly understand - but come on, give sister a break.   
I'm kind  and humble when it comes to the customers but they still get the wrong impression if I forget to smile.  I think this have to do with the danish culture being so obsessed with getting people  to be more socialized(which includes smiling), sometimes they overdo it and it ends up being irritating.

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