Friday, 14 September 2012

Bakery Girl

As days goes by, my life keep taking new turns and I keep learning new things in life...Taking chances makes you feel alive, and no matter what anyone turns around and tells you. If you don’t do it in your youth, when are you going to do it? When you’re bloody 50?

For a bout two weeks ago I was at my very first job interview and it went very well and they hired me and my first day at work was on the 10th of Sep. in a bakery.

It started of well even though there were so so soooooo many important things to keep track of such as the rules, how to use my chip,were to meet in the morning... and the list goes on!
And I also got learn how to sell bread, cakes and such! that part was a bit easy cause it used to work in a bakery back in the days! although the system is different I took the chance and did it (being a bit nervous).
My working partner, Christine, is simply amazing she is so friendly and very relaxing to work with, she really helps me a lot and teach a few thing here and there. My other colleges are really kind unlike back then, when everybody was a bit stiff and arrogant, well that's what you get living in a upper middle-class community. 

I start at 8 in the morning and finish at 1600 ( it's kinda a 9to5 thing).  And I'm just about to get in the rhythm. However, the first week is the hardest cause I've got to get used to standing for 3h in a row and stressing around when there is a line of customers  but I somehow get the adrenalin kick when there is a lot to do at once... (haha).
Oooh so many positive things about my new job, I think I like it - but I'll give it one month or two and then it will be another story.. Heh :)

The Big minus is that my fiancé working hours doesn't mach with mine at all :/ I work in the morning and he at night, so the only time we have together is from 1600 to 2100 and then his off to work till 7 in the morning!
bad timing
 Now ain't that A Bitch.
Even at that amount of time we have together, is not enough cause either one of us is tired or frustrated or we are both stressed by the time instead of enjoying it!
Our everyday is changing bit by bit, not that that is bad, it's just that we have to get used to it, and I think that that is what's bothering us at the moment.
Instead of this

It's a bit of this...


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