Thursday, 12 April 2012

Woman - Love Yourself

We all have out insincerities, flaws and imperfections, but why let them stand in out way?
- As a girl I know how hard it is to constantly compare yourself to someone else or wishing that you looked different.  but I've come to learn that it's a waist of my wonderful time thinking about what I could change about myself. I realized that mother nature gave me this body the why it is and I should know how precious it is and learn to love it just the way it is....
It takes time but eventually I will get to a point where I love and cherish it a hundred percent.
Let's not make mistakes like these and let not try to change what we are blessed with.

 Do not do like these women 
- they all bring shame to the gender -

This is how we should feel about ourself. Love beautiful lady we are and  feel free and empowered.
Be confident in yourself. It takes time to get to that place, but it’s all about embracing yourself and your body.

What looks good on one person might not look good on another body type.
 You need to find what makes you and your body happy.
And appreciate the shape that you have, cause someone else envy it... believe it or not.
Nevertheless, that's not the only reason you should do it! The only reason should do it is for your own sake.

Know your shape,  love it and dress it as you like but remember, your cloths shouldn't be wearing you, You should wear them!
If you dress your body with the right type of clothing and not what the magazine say you should wear you will realize what a great body you have at it will be easy and fun dressing up and feeling comfortable. There is not such thing as "a Perfect woman"  so let's stop trying, let embrace our imperfection cause that's actually what makes us perfect, being aware of our flaws and loving.
Why do we need to look like Barbie? - The chic isn't all that.  Let me tell you what a "all that" is... If you are all that you are woman who knows her worth and values it, a woman who knows that she has more to offer than just her looks. Magazines or no magazine, let's love ourselves God dammit!

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