Thursday, 26 April 2012

I dont even have one sad tear left in me

Recently as I was on my way home I ran into an ex of mine, it was so weird all in all but something inside me  was happy to meet him not because of him but cause I wanted him to see how grate I was doing without him - same pretty Cee with a different smile ;)

This may sound mean but seriously, there is nothing better than your ex who did you wrong seeing you at your best.
Nevertheless, we chit chatted a little, I asked him how everything was, and I could tell that he was a bit nervous - he went on saying how he's been thinking about me and how overwhelmed he was to see me. In my little mind I was like MUHAHAHAHA....
I mean this guy who did me wrong is now "missing" me hilarious. However, I didn't have time to catch up with him cause as we were going in our own direction and besides, it would be more awkward talking with him cause it's been like 3 years  since I've seen him and what good could possibly come out of a conversation with an ex you've spend time being mad at?

- I realized that I had forgiven him and didn't have one sad tear left in me -

As we said goodbye, he dared to ask me for my number,and I told him that I didn't have any phone ( my way of saying I don't want you to have my number). But since he ran after my bus  to stop it and carried my luggage I gave my Facebook page ;) hehe

Later on  at home I checked my Facebook  just to find out that he had added me and in my mind I continued my MUHAHAHAHA :)
So I accepted it and checked his wall just to find out that he was in a relationship...

Now this was funny... And I know that everyone at some point have had this feeling.

I actually feel sorry for him, cause I'm in a bright place and he is in that state but it would be weird if we start being friends. I shall only bless him
So what I've learned with this, is that I have to mind my own business and never hold on any anger for anyone who did me wrong, cause at the end karma will hit them.

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