Friday, 30 March 2012

Stay fit

Well at the moment I'm working my azz off to get in a good shape for min exams However, it made me realize that I miss working out and feeling fit. The problem with me is that I'm way too lazy to get started and once I've started I'm all into it...

- Guess y'all know that feeling right? -
My Boo on the other hand is totally fit and well toned, that I almost feel unhealthy beside him -.-

Now to another thing:

I see a lot of guy working out just to look all macho and stuff and that's just not sexy!
It's like having a large penis and don't know how use it ( You get me right? hehe )

And it's the same for girls, maybe even worse... A lot of girl I'm familiar with wants to loose weight just to look good with a size 0 or 2, but don't even bother to think about their health. -.- seriously there is no fucking point looking good on the outside and unhealthy in general.. I'm sorry but that is not attractive in any way!!!!
Nevertheless, I believe that it is very important to work out and stay fit or at least maintain your shape, not for your looks but more for your health!

If you feel healthy + you'll look healthy = looking good :D

Way tooooooo much

This is better  

This is how "every" girl wants to look like
Seriously not hot

This is how we should look like
fit, shaped and toned

This is what I prefer

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