Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bollywood then & now

Well as you all know I am the biggest Bollywood fan eva'  and I love everything that has to do with it.
However they way Bollywod is changing is not exact my cup of the.... It's like they are trying to look like the western film industry (Bollywood goes Hollywod). To a certain point it was okay by remaking some Hollywood movies, by giving them a hint of masala, but come on , they must be a limit. I love Bollywood because it was different from Hollywood, and I do not want a Hollywood No. II.
These day it's a must that the heroine is presented in a very sexy way and has to be fit and the heroes must be shirtless (which means that it's not a Salman Khan thing any more) and so on. I don not want all that, I want a movie with a plot, not a movie that is based on fashion and who has the best bikini body.... You see back then it was Sholay, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Devdas, Mother India... But today all you find is bad acting and less effort -.-'  movies like Players, Golmaal 3, I Hate Luv Stories and the list goes on...  Even the magazines have changed:
Missing talent
I'm not saying that things should remain the same, but less body showing would be fine. I know that today's generation isn't the same as back them but come on.... Let Bollywood teach us dance and how to enjoy the brighter colours in life.  I just want it to be in a league of it's on and to do or be like everyone else, is that to much to ask for?
Recently I found out that the movie Aisha is a remake of  Clueless and the worst part of it all is that the movie really is a failure from the beginning to the end and the acting... Oh my dear lord... Sonam kapoor acting is as horrible as it can get -.-'  and I do not understand why they keep giving her roles to play, as fare as I know she haven't done anything impressive (yet) and  she doesn't even try to take acting classes.  The only thing she is good at is fashion, and why she doesn't stick to that is something that wonders me every time I see her in a movie.  And she is not the only one out there, a lot of these new comers are unimpressive  and they've got a lot to work on in able to deliver "IT" (magic on screen) it's like they don't have what it takes to play the Bollywood hero or heroine.

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