Friday, 9 December 2011

Educated fool with a dance on her mind

Ever since I can remember I've always danced my way in life...
And still today my mama do tell stories of me entertaining everybody, from my BIG family to our neighbours and school teachers.
I can only say that I was born dancing and there is no better way that I can satisfy my body besides! It's orgasm to my feet LOL

Now you are wondering whether I take dance lessons, what kind of dance I'm specialized in and such, but let me tell you one thing. I've only received a few dance classes here and there in belly dancing, folk dance from Rwanda and tiny bit hip-hop, salsa(which is easy btw) and Bollywood dance.
I've never attended a real dance class ever in  my life but somehow I still love dancing.

If I say that dancing is my passion, you won't take me serious cause of what I've just told you...
But shoo...I love dancing and I don't think that you have to take some dance classes to be passionate about it and this man agrees with me
All you need is some space and music, the rest is up to you and your feet.
I can't explain the feeling but I can try by saying that it's like you become alive right there at that very moment you dance...

I modern dance my anger, I spin and sway my sorrow, I shake and shimmy my joy, and I dance my body into the mood :)

Here is a few dances and dancers that gives me the will and power to dance.
I love and adore this woman,she is so spontaneous and the inventor of every single dance known today!
Thanks to here I can dance without any choreography and still feel like the shit.

I can keep watching this video over and over again just for the whole dance of it !
I love the way their bodies move together and the fact that it's so smooth makes the whole thing look easy
Do I need to say more?

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